More Tuesday Updates from the Philippines

Today we had our 5 teams fan out across the island of Mindanao.  We preached to over 11,000 students in high schools and college. There were over 9,000 decisions for Christ.  It is truly amazing to see the fields ripe for the harvest.

The team that preached in the college saw an overwhelming response to the gospel.  Many of the students came to Christ.

The high schools continued to be very open to our teaching.    A number of the teachers expressed their appreciation for our taking the time to share the gospel.  We have found some teachers who are saved and we believe some who received Christ this week.

Pray that the doors continue to be open throughout the Philippines.  We are the only religious group to have access to the campuses.  It truly is amazing.  I wish we had more people on our team.  We could easily preach to over 20,000 a day if there were more laborers.  It is clear that God has chosen the poor to be rich in faith.

You can sense the spiritual warfare going on around us. Last week one of the teams had a demonic manifestation.  I have sensed an evil presence during several of my preaching opportunities. There is no question in our minds that the devil is not happy with what is going on in the Philippines.

The biggest distraction in almost every classroom is the large contingency of homosexuals.  The boys are overtly homosexual and often intimidate their fellow students.  They have a significant presence across most campuses.  They mock openly people who are making decisions for Christ.

In other situations you can sense a demonic influence that openly try’s to distract from the preaching of he gospel.  This has given us the opportunity to remind everyone  that the shed blood of Jesus Christ can wash any sin away.  Pray that God would break the hold this group of students has over their classmates as we preach the gospel.

This is the picture of the administrative building at a rural school we spoke at today.  The classrooms all have bars for windows and are as hot as can be.  There are limited resources for the teachers.  The classes range in size from 50 to 70 students per class.

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  1. Thank you Kevin for the update. It certainly helps us to know how to pray for the team. Thinking of you all often and praying for you.

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