Wednesday Update from the Philippines

The five teams have now preached to over 30,000 students. We are having a tremendous response to the gospel.  Today we preached in colleges and high schools.  Pastor Musgrave had the opportunity to follow a priest who had just conducted a mass.  The Lord worked and souls were saved.  Think about how wonderful our God is to allow Pastor Musgrave to preach the true gospel following a works salvation message.

The children are enthusiastic when we pull on to each campus. They do have varying degrees of proficiency with the English language.  All children speak three languages.

Many of our team members were saved through SMCI.  They are  incredibly dedicated.  Their passion for the ministry is very contagious.  We could use another 30 short term mission team members in this area alone.  What is happening here is a modern day revival.  Pray that we would continue to see God use is.  It is truly humbling to be used by God.

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