Final Post from the Philippines

We had a wonderful week of seeing the power of the gospel working in the lives of the Filipino people. As of the end of yesterday our 32 person team preached to over 50,000 Philippines.  The majority accepted Christ as their savior.  Our team has preached on an average of 7-10 times per day.  Everyone on our team preached that many times.  It has created a burden in our hearts to do a better job of  reaching people in the United States.

Pray for the SMCI team that they could follow-up with the thousands of individuals who came to Christ.  The fields are ripe onto harvest but the labors are few.

Pray for the safety of the SMCI workers.  There is an active Muslim insurgency on the island.  The team plans to push deeper into Muslim dominated areas.  The island of Mindanao is truly a needy island.  The economic conditions are 3rd world but their spirits are amazing.  It is truly humbling to think about the things we complain about when you see how little the people have.

This week will forever change the way we look at the gospel.  The power of the gospel was seen like we have never seen it before.

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