‘Hurricane’ Irene: A Better Way to Spend the Day

Well Hurricane Irene has come and while we’ll still have the aftereffects of the hurricane through the remainder of the day for the most part it is gone. What aftereffects? No power, cleaning up basements, picking up limbs, blown over trash cans, possibly a leak in the roof we didn’t realize was there and no church. Let me suggest a few ideas on how to spend this day in a better way than simply watching TV or going through the day without a plan:

Take time to worship as a family. 

  • Read a small portion of Scripture.
  • Give a short explanation to your family. (I read Colossians 1 in my Bible reading this morning and I’ll use Colossians 1.21-23)
  • Sing a song that your family knows.
  • If you have young children this may take 10-15 minutes

Plan a family activity (if you don’t have to vacuum your basement of water:)

  • play a board game
  • play hide & seek with the lights off
  • watch a movie together
  • have a family conversation about an important topic and get your teenagers thoughts on the subject, use this time as an opportunity to listen
Begin a spiritual goal.
  • Begin a new Bible reading schedule
  • Start a book you purchased three years ago
  • Memorize a verse in an area that you struggle
Have fun. Make memories.

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