Gospel Meditation

In addition to my daily Bible reading I have included a devotional aid to my morning reading. Titled, A Gospel Primer, the booklet includes short readings that are one to three paragraphs per reading, but they are packed with Gospel truths that have greatly encouraged my personal walk with the Lord. Here’s the one I read this morning, titled My Daily Protection:

As long as I am inside the gospel, I experience all the protection I need from the powers of evil that rage against me. It is for this reason that the Bible tells me to “take up” (Eph 6.13) and “put on” (Eph 6) the whole armor of God; and the pieces of armor it tells me to put on are all merely synonyms for the gospel. Translated literally from the Greek, they are: “…the salvation…the justification…truth…the gospel of peace… the faith…[and the]…word of God.” (Eph 6) What are all these expressions but various ways of describing the gospel? Therefore, if I wish to stand victorious in Jesus, I must do as the songwriter suggests and “and put on the gospel armor, each piece put on with prayer.”

That God would tell me to “take up” and “put on” this gospel armor alerts me to the fact that I do not automatically come into each day protected by the gospel. In fact, these commands imply that I am vulnerable to defeat and injury unless I seize upon the gospel and arm myself with it from head to toe. And what better way is there to do this than to preach the gospel to myself and to make it the obsession of my heart throughout the day?

A Gospel Primer for Christians: learning to see the glories of God’s love by Milton Vincent. Focus Publishing, 2008. pp. 15-16.

I highly recommend this booklet. You can purchase it in the church bookstore or here.

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