Operation World, A prayer guide for every nation.

Apparently  Pastor Campbell is not the only one who has a heart for missions.  Your response to the idea of giving our young adults the book  Operation World, the definitive prayer guide to every nation, was fantastic.  This  information once ignited a student movement and revitalized missions across the globe.

Download a free preview sample here.

Would you take two minutes and pray along with us for this people group?



Who did Jesus eat with?

I was combing through notes in the back of my Bible and came across these from  a recent Sunday evening sermon by Jake Grogan.  I thought these straightforward points have a lot of bearing on our everyday lives and are worth thinking on again.

  • Jesus ate with SINNERS (Luke 15).
  • Jesus ate with SNOBS (Luke 14).
  • Jesus ate with SAINTS (last supper, marriage supper of the Lamb).

I asked myself these questions: Who am I planning to eat with?  Who would feel comfortable at my table?  Who wouldn’t?  Will anyone have found their seat at the great table in heaven because they first ate at my table?

Care Packages for Our Armed Forces

3rd Annual Operation Care Package: November 12, 10am – 2pm

Central Bucks West High School

Please join the Travis Manion Foundation as we prepare care packages for our brave men and women who will be deployed during the coming holiday season. Suggested Donation Items:

  • Travel size items- Baby wipes, Mouthwash, Q-tips, Foot powder, Toothpaste, Hand sanitizer, Body Wash, Lotion,
  • Also: Beef jerky, cracker packs, Nutritional bars – (Power bars, Cliff bars), Candy /Gum, individual packs of Trail mix or nuts
  • Singles Drink Mixes (coffee, power drinks, Gatorade, iced tea, lemonade, hot chocolate)
  • Pens/ stationery, Eye Drops, Toothbrush, Razors (individually wrapped), Chapstick
  • Shower puff, individually wrapped wash clothes, white boot socks, hot hands
  • AA / AAA/ or C batteries (4 packs are the best) 9V (2 packs), Moleskin, Cough drops, Nasal spray, Dvd’s
  • Small entertainment items (hacky sack, yo-yo’s)
  • We cannot accept bar soap, aerosol cans.

The cutoff date for Donations is 11/05/11, items can be dropped off at 10 S. Clinton St. Ste 102, Doylestown, PA 18901 from 8:30am – 4:30 pm OR at the Springtown Post Office, Main St Springtown, PA from 8:00am – 5:00pm.

Hearing for the First Time

This is the reaction of a 28 year old deaf lady hearing for the first time.   Watch and then meditate on what it must have been like when Jesus healed people.

Mark 7:37  And were beyond measure astonished, saying, He hath done all things well: he maketh both the deaf to hear, and the dumb to speak.

7 Billion and Counting

According to this article the world’s population is ready to hit 7 billion.

Gospel Grid, Sermon Series by Wil Galkin

Sometimes Christians can feel overwhelmed or under equipped when taking the gospel to those around them. We can be burdened about everyone and end up reaching no one. What is needed is a Gospel Grid. This series of messages comes from a pre-service series by Will Galkin.

Identifying Divine Appointments

We talk about Divine Appointments at Bethel. But what exactly is a divine appointment? Jeff Musgrave in his book titled Giving the Exchange gives a helpful list:

  1. You enter a situation and it is obvious that God has been at work before you got there.
  2. The person to whom you are talking tells you that someone else has been talking to him about the Lord.
  3. You see obvious interest or conviction.
  4. The Lord leads you to say something you normally don’t say.
  5. A lost person approaches a Christian out of the blue.
  6. The timing of the events is obviously from God.
  7. The person to whom you are talking is dealing with a tramautic event that has pointed him to his inner needs.
  8. A visitor comes to your church without a human invitation.
  9. Someone brings up the Bible, religions, God, or spiritual things in a normal conversation.