Big Church for (Parents with) Little Kids

I need help. How do I shepherd and nurture my children’s hearts to actively participating in big church? Honestly, my wife takes a more active oversight role in this than I do, but I read this blog post recently and found it to be a huge help. Author of the post gives general guidelines with some very specific applications that are extremely practical. She wrties:

  • set the expectation
  • set them up to win
  • debrief and reinforce
  • persevere
Make sure to check out the post it will be a help to you and your family.

2 Responses

  1. Excellent perspective and advice; I am quite sure that it is easier said than done. I certainly appreciate the work that our parents are already doing to include their children in “big church.” I love to see the children learning the songs and participating with their parents. I also think that Pee Wee is a great way to help them adjust gradually to a Sunday evening service.

  2. I agree, Dana. Encouraging that PeeWee Club has grown over last year’s attendance. A great testimony to those who serve in that ministry.

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