Gospel Sanctification

Helpful thoughts on Gospel sanctification:

Nearly every Christian would affirm, even if he or she couldn’t express, that Christians are saved by God’s grace through their faith in Jesus Christ, apart from their own good works. But the place we most often see the muddling of grace and law is in the area of sanctification. The implicit idea seems to be that the gospel is our entry ticket, but Law keeps us in line for the ride. But this belief, Martin Luther says, is “as though Christ were a workman who had begun a building and left it for Moses to finish.”

With the authority of the God of the universe, Paul has this to say about such a concept: “Are you so foolish? Having begun by the Spirit, are you now being perfected by the flesh?” (Gal. 3:3).

One Response

  1. What a great thought for personal reflection. . . . I, for one, would like to see a follow-up on this. The verse (Gal. 3:3), seems to directly answer our modern perception. But if Paul wrote it then, one could assume that it’s not so new !

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