The Peacemaking Church: Conflict is an Opportunity

If you missed last week’s Adult Bible Fellowship lesson on The Peacemaking Church here are some of the principles that we covered.

The Four G’s: A God-centered response to conflict

  1. Glorify God (1 Cor 10.31)
  2. Get the log out of your eye (Matt 7.5)
  3. Gently restore (Gal 6.1)
  4. Go and be reconciled (Matt 5.24)

The Foundational G: the Gospel of Christ (1 Tim 1.15)

In addition, we were challenged with three varying responses to conflict:

  • escape responses: peace-faking
  • attack responses: peace-breaking
  • peacemaking responses: peacemaking

How are you doing in resolving conflict this week (within your home, with your spouse, at your place of employment)? When unbelievers see believers work through conflict in a biblical manner it causes questions. The answer to those questions is the gospel of Jesus.

On Sunday, February 12 we will begin the next study titled Live at Peace.

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