Easter Events

Palm Sunday, April 1 @ 10:30am

Good Friday, April 6 @ 7pm

Easter Sunday, April 8

9:30am – Easter Brunch (gymnasium)

10:30am – Easter Musical

no evening service

The Peacemaking Church: Overcome evil with good.

Our final week of The Peacemaking Church was taught yesterday in our Adult Bible Fellowships. The key principle taught was overcome evil with good. Below are the main principles we covered:

  1. We have divine weapons (2 Cor 10.3-5).
  2. Control your tongue (Rom 12.14).
  3. Seek godly advisors—and listen to them (Rom 12.15-16)!
  4. Keep doing what is right (Rom 12.17).
  5. Recognize your limits (Rom 12.18-19)
  6. The ultimate weapon: deliberate, focused love (Rom 12.20-21).
    • protects you from your own bitterness and resentment
    • may help to bring the other person to repentance

Ethiopian Bible Project

On Sunday we will be taking an offering for the Ethiopian Bible Project that is being spear-headed by Frontline Missions. Pastor has challenged each individual to give $5 which will cover the cost of printing one Bible to the Ethiopians.

The Peacemaking Church: Our forgiveness shows what we think of God’s forgiveness.

Is it really true that our forgiveness (or lack thereof) demonstrates what we think of God’s forgiveness?

Here are five principles on forgiveness from this past weeks lesson from The Peacemaking Church:

  1. You cannot forgive in your own strength.
  2. Forgiveness is neither a feeling, nor forgetting, nor excusing.
  3. Sin creates a debt that must be paid (1 Peter 2.24; Matt 6.12)
  4. Forgiveness is a decision modeled after God’s forgiveness.
  5. God’s forgiveness inspires our forgiveness. (Matt 18.32-33)

Four promises of forgiveness:

  • I promise I will not dwell on this incident.
  • I promise I will not bring up this incident and use it against you.
  • I promise I will not talk to others about this incident.
  • I promise I will not allow this incident to stand between us or hinder our personal relationship.

Upper Bucks Christian School Serves (3 of 3)

When Miss Marlowe’s eighth grade homeroom decided to make a difference in the lives of the children of Faith Children’s Village in Zambia, they never dreamed their vision would encompass the entire school. “It all started when Mr. Crockett (pictured with family) shared a video in chapel about the village,” says Miss Marlowe. “My students wanted to help the orphans. We began the project, and the Lord did the rest.”

When the elementary heard about the effort, they also got behind the Zambia project. The students showed great enthusiasm and compassion by bringing in gum and donations everyday. One elementary student donated all that she had and said, “I really wanted a Nintendo DS that I had been saving for, but the orphans needed the money more than I did.” Donating thirty-five pounds of bubble gum and almost $1000 to Faith Children’s Village helped the orphans have a very merry Christmas.

The Peacemaking Church: Discipline is God’s gift and blessing to the church.

Discipline within a local church is often not viewed as a blessing, but a curse. The Bible actually teaches that discipline is a gift and a blessing to a church. Here are the highlights from this past week’s lesson:

Step One: Overlook minor offenses (Prov 19.11)

Step Two: Talk privately (Matt 18.15)

Step Three: Take one or two others along (Matt 18.16)

  • to mediate or arbitrate (1 Cor 6.1-8)
  • to encourage self-control and courtesy
  • to ask questions, clarify facts
  • to counsel and admonish by God’s Word
  • to observe conduct and report to church or churches

Step Four: Tell it to the church  (Matt 18.17a)

Step Five: Treat the other person as an unbeliever (Matt 18.17b)

  • to convict and restore those who astray (1 Cor 5.1-13)
  • to guard others from stumbling (1 Cor 5.6; see 1 Tim 5.20; Titus 3.10-11)
  • to protect God’s name (Rom 2.24)

Step Six: Forgive and restore the repentant (Matt 18.12-14; 2 Cor 2.5-11)

Spring Forward

Don’t forget to set your clocks forward one hour on Saturday night.