The Peacemaking Church: Confession Brings Freedom

After a believer has been exposed to the truth of God’s Word, the Holy Spirit has convicted them of their wrong within the relationship, what’s next? Confession is, but what does biblical confession look like? Our lesson this past week noted The Seven A’s of Confession. One caution given, this is not some formulaic, check list that if you follow these things – voila! Confession is now complete. There must be a sincere, genuine motive behind the confession.

  1. Address everyone involved (Luke 19.8).
  2. Avoid if, but and maybe (Psalm 51).
  3. Admit specifically (Ephesians 4.29; Matthew 7.12).
  4. Acknowledge the hurt.
  5. Accept the consequences (Luke 15.19; Luke 19.8).
  6. Alter (change) your behavior (Ephesians 4.22-32).
  7. Ask for forgiveness and allow time (Genesis 50.17)

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