Upper Bucks Christian School Serves Community (1 of 3)

This past Christmas, the UBCS junior class decided to do something special for someone else. One of the juniors met a family who had received 6 foster children a month before Christmas. She met them while working at a local doll shop called KidAddy. The children’s sweet behavior left an impression on her as the family shopped in the store. She mentioned the family to her classmates and they worked together to raise some funds for gifts to give them.

The owners of KidAddy, Sherri & Anna, were so thrilled with the junior class idea that they donated dolls, clothing and candy for the girls in the foster family. The junior class used the money they collected to buy gifts for the boys like cars, balls and board games. The class then took time to wrap the presents and deliver them to the family a week before Christmas.

The foster parents were so thankful that they sent a video to the class so they could watch the kids open their presents. One junior remarked that “the smiles on their faces were enough to melt your heart. It was a privilege to be able to show these children love and care that we often take for granted.” Another junior mentioned that it “was really neat to give to somebody who deserved it.”

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