The Peacemaking Church: Constructive criticism is a sign of genuine love.

This last weeks lesson was titled Just Between the Two of You, speaking of learning how to lovingly confront another individual about a potential weakness in their life. Here are the principles:

  1. God calls us to lovingly correct one another (Matthew 18.15)
  2. Correcting means more than confronting (Matthew 18.12, 21-34; Galatians 6.1)
  3. Sooner or later, talk face-to-face (Genesis 32-33; 50.15021; 2 Samuel 14.24; Matthew 5.23-24)
  4. Go when someone’s sins are too serious to overlook.
  • Is it dishonoring to God? (Romans 2.21-24)
  • Is it damaging your relationship?
  • Is it hurting others (or you)? (Luke 17.2-3; 1 Corinthians 5.6)
  • Is it hurting the offender? (James 5.19-20)

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