The Peacemaking Church: Discipline is God’s gift and blessing to the church.

Discipline within a local church is often not viewed as a blessing, but a curse. The Bible actually teaches that discipline is a gift and a blessing to a church. Here are the highlights from this past week’s lesson:

Step One: Overlook minor offenses (Prov 19.11)

Step Two: Talk privately (Matt 18.15)

Step Three: Take one or two others along (Matt 18.16)

  • to mediate or arbitrate (1 Cor 6.1-8)
  • to encourage self-control and courtesy
  • to ask questions, clarify facts
  • to counsel and admonish by God’s Word
  • to observe conduct and report to church or churches

Step Four: Tell it to the church  (Matt 18.17a)

Step Five: Treat the other person as an unbeliever (Matt 18.17b)

  • to convict and restore those who astray (1 Cor 5.1-13)
  • to guard others from stumbling (1 Cor 5.6; see 1 Tim 5.20; Titus 3.10-11)
  • to protect God’s name (Rom 2.24)

Step Six: Forgive and restore the repentant (Matt 18.12-14; 2 Cor 2.5-11)

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