Adult Bible Fellowship: Is Fellowship the Goal?

We need more Bible study. We need more in depth focus. We need the meat of the Word. So goes the pleas  for Bible study. I would argue that I do not need more knowledge or greater understanding of deep truths, but rather greater obedience to the truths I know already. It is not an either/or proposition, but a both/and possibility.

Is fellowship a goal? Yes. Is fellowship the end result? Emphatically no. Producing committed disciples of Jesus Christ is our intended result. The intent of our Adult Bible Fellowships is not Continue reading

6 Questions for Intentional ABF’s

Great ABF’s don’t just happen, but are created by godly, praying, caring, authentic members.

I read this quote recently and thought I’d throw a few questions for you all to think about. Hopefully some thought-provoking questions:

  • Who have you intentionally sought to encourage this week?
  • Are you praying for individuals in your ABF? More importantly, are you praying for specific needs they have?
  • Have you recently communicated in a meaningful way that you are praying for them? Continue reading

5 Ideas to Connect Your ABF Class

We make a BIG DEAL about our ADULT BIBLE FELLOWSHIPS. One of the ways to cultivate a “family feel” to your ABF is to connect outside of Sunday mornings. Here are five ways to encourage someone in your ABF:

  1. Ask someone if they have a prayer request that you can pray for them over the next week.
  2. Commit to a joint project for a needy neighbor or retiree in our church – the ABF that serves together stays together. Continue reading

New ABF Series begin Sunday

At Bethel we believe deeply that a Christian cannot grow outside of Bible teaching, healthy relationships, and ministry opportunities. We have combined all three necessities within our Adult Bible Fellowships.  Each class is divided according to life stage. If you aren’t currently attending an ABF we hope that you’ll plan on joining one as we start our next series this Sunday.  Below are the new series that will begin for each fellowship: Continue reading

5 Ways to Make Your Adult Bible Fellowship Fail

Make sure your ABF become inward-focused and never grows. Don’t invite guests from the Sunday morning service to your ABF. Focus only on meeting the current attenders needs. Certainly, don’t expand your Facebook circle of friends to people you’ve recently met at church. Pack your personal schedule so full there’s no time to invest in casual relationships.

Don’t allow guests to feel a part of the ABF. Become exclusive. Tell inside jokes or swap stories that will make them smile uneasily. This will help communicate that only if “we deem you a part of our ABF will we let you know the inside information.” Allow guests to sit by themselves, giving the obligatory head nod as you walk by them. Continue reading

Adult Bible Fellowship & Discipleship

In a recent message Pastor Campbell mentioned four considerations on discipleship. These are thought-provoking and sobering statements about how we intend to disciple via our Adult Bible Fellowships.One other thought, just because we have decided that Adult Bible Fellowship is the tool that does not mean it automatically happens. ABF is the tool, but discipleship happens as people are engaged in other’s lives.

  1. Understand the Devil hunts for someone unattached.
    The Devil goes after the one that is Continue reading

A New Adult Bible Fellowship Series

What a religion does with Jesus Christ is the focal point of its belief system. The watershed teaching of all religions, sects and cults is Jesus Christ. Beginning, September 12 each Adult Bible Fellowship will be studying the belief structure of some of the most well-known religions: Judaism, Islam, Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Christianity.

In a culture that is becoming increasingly hostile to the message of the Bible, this study will equip you to better understand other faiths and to better articulate the Bible’s teaching of who Jesus is. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life, no man cometh unto the Father but by me.” (John 14:6) Continue reading