Wash Me Now

Thanks to Mike Morton, one of our church interns, for this guest post.

When I was young, my parents always made it a point that I wash myself daily. Like a normal boy though, I did not always want to wash myself everyday. I figured if I was not dirty then I was clean. However, if my parents noticed that I had not washed in a few days, they had a test that never failed. All it took was a little sniff, and I soon found out I was not clean!

This is true of our spiritual life. We may go about each day knowing that there is sin in our life. As long as our sin has not dirtied our appearance, we sometimes go several days before we confess our sins. However, we forget that our sin stinks! God is repulsed by the odors emanating from our sin! What we need is a good, old-fashion cleansing! Continue reading

All Joking Aside

Titus 2:6 –“Young men likewise exhort to be soberminded.”

I don’t know how many times I’ve had to come to a fresh understanding of that verse. And my dad was happy to oblige.

Young people–oh, and old people–like to have fun. For me that means humor. But the fact that our humor often crosses the line into inappropriate territory leads us to ask how we can be “sober minded” and still enjoy a little laughter. Continue reading

“Freely Eat”

“It’s a free country!”

In our sarcastic society, we’re used to hearing that phrase when someone wants to excuse their obnoxious or inappropriate behavior.

“Don’t run in the kitchen!” But it’s a free country.

“Don’t spit your gum out on the sidewalk!” Free country.

Of course, we all know that real freedom exists within sensible boundaries. Imagine a country in which people were “free” to loot and murder–not the kind of freedom I want.

That was the kind of freedom Adam and Eve had when God told them, “Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat.” Continue reading

How Should We Act When We Sin Against Our Kids?

istocksurprisedkidSome parents are so spiritually fine-tuned, so on the ball, so wise and insightful, that they go through all of their years of parenting without a single regret or hiccup in their relationship with their sons and daughters. For the rest of us, the question posed in the title is pretty relevant.

Most of us can look back at some pretty low moments in our parenting career. It doesn’t take long for sinful attitudes, foolish instructions, angry remarks, and other ugly sins to crop up in–not just the child–me! If you’re having trouble remembering any such occasion, see if any of these ring a bell: Continue reading

Standing Like a Tree

42-16472391On the way to school the other day, we were observing all the trees standing by rivers of water (well, they were more like streams, but the picture still works.).  There are plenty of trees around for the object lesson, and yes, there has been plenty of water around lately, too.  The Author of the “tree” object lesson is God, and it is found in Psalm 1.  How can we make this important lesson a part of our lives and especially a part of our childrens’ lives? Continue reading

I Shall Not Be Moved

Thanks to Jack Kauffman, a deacon at Bethel Baptist Church, for this guest post.

rootsThe Easter season is a time when Christians tend to look inward. I’ve been doing a lot of that lately, and more often than not, I don’t especially like what I see. Two premises come to mind as I do this: 1) I am not always the man others think I am, and 2) I am not always the man I imagine myself to be. Others see the suit and the smile but not the heart, and I am thankful that my heart is not visible for inspection, for it is not always a pretty sight. Also, I tend to imagine myself better than I really am. I judge myself more lightly than I judge others for the same weaknesses and offenses and I tend to think my backbone’s a little stiffer than it actually is. Continue reading

The Mind of Christ, My Savior

6a00d8341bf7f753ef00e54f21186d8834-800wiDo you ever feel like you are on a spiritual  roller coaster? You have the most gentle disposition one moment, and as fast as that first plunge of the coaster you find yourself downright cantankerous.

Are there certain days of the week  that you habitually more spiritual than others?

If you were to graph your disposition throughout the week, would there be a direct correlation between your actions and whether your circumstances were pleasing you or not? Continue reading