Disappointment is His Appointment

“Disappointment is His appointment.”

Have you ever experienced a major disappointment in life? I’m talking about one where you believed it to be life-altering. Loss of job, major health concern, loss of a loved one, a wayward child, financial crisis.

Think about some of the biblical stories you may know and you’ll find this to be true. Our disappointment is God’s appointment. Consider the following:

  1. Moses & the Nation of Israel. (Exodus 2) Continue reading

Pain has a Purpose

Loneliness. Fragmented relationships. Divorce. Emotional instability. Verbal abuse. Physical abuse. Unsuccessful career. Dreams unfulfilled. Promises broken. Favoritism. Financial uncertainty. Strained family relationships. Children who abandon their walk with Christ.

Is it really possible that God can take the pain in our life and have a purpose for it?

First, a couple premliminary thoughts:

  • God is not the author of sin.
  • God never condones an authority, spiritual or parental, taking advantage of a weaker individual.
  • God is not surprised by the circumstances and events of our life.

Knowing these things, how do I process the pain of my life? Continue reading

Stop Talking :: Start Modeling

Enough is enough. Stop talking. Start modeling.

The next generation silently pleads for an older generation to model. They say, “More walk. Less talk, please.” A model does not “sell” the clothes. They wear them. They display the items. A younger generation yearns for authenticity. Whether their four-year old eyes, twenty-four year old eyes or forty-four year old eyes, the desire of the day is for an individual to live out the truths spoken.

We all find that when someone models truth, they now have the platform to speak. That is the salvaging and launching of another generation. Start Modeling. Start talking.

Remaining Joyful During Difficult Times

Do you find your circumstances dictate how you feel? Do you find that happiness exists only when “good things” happen in your life?

  • an unexpected pay raise
  • a refund check
  • the kids get an “A” on the test
  • your spouse surprises you with a gift

While all these could be sources of joy, what about when your hours get cut back at work, an extra bill from the hospital visit? What robs you of joy reveals your source of joy. Here are four essential truths to recalibrate your mind on what gives you joy even during difficult times… Continue reading

“Freely Eat”

“It’s a free country!”

In our sarcastic society, we’re used to hearing that phrase when someone wants to excuse their obnoxious or inappropriate behavior.

“Don’t run in the kitchen!” But it’s a free country.

“Don’t spit your gum out on the sidewalk!” Free country.

Of course, we all know that real freedom exists within sensible boundaries. Imagine a country in which people were “free” to loot and murder–not the kind of freedom I want.

That was the kind of freedom Adam and Eve had when God told them, “Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat.” Continue reading

Convicting Questions

wesley-oxford-350James 5:16 exhorts us to confess our faults to each other. In our individualistic society, our personal sin struggles get pushed back into our private inner world, unknown to our fellow believers.

This is unfortunate, due to the fact that the church is designed for believers to help each other grow in Christlikeness. How can we effectively help each other if everyone keeps his struggles to himself?

John Wesley, an 18th century English evangelist, understood this tendency. So he set up a system whereby local groups of believers would regularly ask each other pointed and personal questions so that they could exhort, encourage, rebuke, and pray for one another more effectively.

As you read these questions, don’t just think about how you would honestly answer them. Ask yourself whether there is anyone in our church to whom you could answer these questions honestly: Continue reading

Fightings Within

kids_fightingAm I the only one who lives in a household where there is arguing and bickering?  Or am I supposed to keep that a secret?  Last week we had everyone write down “a few of their favorite things.”  Favorite things included praise, a clean house, a waveboard, orderliness, etc.  I wanted us to be able to identify our desires.  Why?

Continue reading