Did You Receive the First E-Newsletter?

Did you receive the first Bethel E-Newsletter yesterday? If not got to http://www.facebook.com/bethelbc to subscribe to our newsletter (hint, you have to “like” us on the Facebook page first).

We are regularly attempting to seek better ways to communicate all that is going on here at Bethel. The emails will go out either quarterly or monthly. Expect to find 6-10 emails in your inbox over the next year.

If you know someone who lives in the Quakertown area and is seeking the next spiritual step or is looking for a Bible-preaching/teaching church forward your newsletter or ask them to subscribe.

What is a Healthy Church Member?

Health takes discipline. Health takes work. Health takes self-denial. Health takes grace. Health takes love. Health takes honesty. Health takes relationship.

It’s easier to be unhealthy. Bottomless bowl of chips. Limitless soda pop. More pie, please. A Hallmark movie later (or Sunday afternoon football game) and a downed tub of bean dip: it sounds like fun, but the ramifications of regularly living life like that would be devastating. So are the ramifications of living an unhealthy spiritual life as a believer. The physical body is as healthy as its members, and so the church body is as healthy as its members. What are practices for a healthy believer?

Loves Listening for God’s Voice. Have you trained yourself to listen to God’s voice? Continue reading

Introducing Discover Bethel!

Big news…the Campbell’s now have their first teenager in the home!  We love it and look forward to the challenges and blessings of these awesome years.  It does call to mind though some nostalgic moments of bringing our first baby home from the hospital thirteen years ago.  I remember washing the car and making sure the camera and everything I was responsible for was ready to go.  We loved it all but going from two adults, to two very excited but scared adults and a baby was an adjustment.  Families go through adjustments and so do churches when new people join.  That is why we are introducing Discover BethelDiscover Bethel is our way of introducing our selves to folks considering membership. We want to help folks to assimilate into the life of our church.  The orientation is as follows:

1. Who are we? This is our Discover Bethel introduction and Continue reading

Why Should You Love Your Church?

Well, I Love My Church Sunday has come and gone. Pastor preached a great message which can be found here. I would like to give some additional thoughts, hopefully helpful and thought-provoking, as to why YOU and I should LOVE our church!

God sent only one Son for only one institution. One birth. One Son. One death. One resurrection. One institution. The expression of God’s love for His children is the radical demonstration of love by His only Son, Jesus Christ. Why did Jesus die? To remove sin? Yes. To give an entrance into Heaven? Yes. To glorify Himself? Yes. But I believe one could convincingly argue as well the following point: to call out a people for His name (i.e., the church) which brings Him the greatest glory (Ephesians 1). Continue reading

Convicting Questions

wesley-oxford-350James 5:16 exhorts us to confess our faults to each other. In our individualistic society, our personal sin struggles get pushed back into our private inner world, unknown to our fellow believers.

This is unfortunate, due to the fact that the church is designed for believers to help each other grow in Christlikeness. How can we effectively help each other if everyone keeps his struggles to himself?

John Wesley, an 18th century English evangelist, understood this tendency. So he set up a system whereby local groups of believers would regularly ask each other pointed and personal questions so that they could exhort, encourage, rebuke, and pray for one another more effectively.

As you read these questions, don’t just think about how you would honestly answer them. Ask yourself whether there is anyone in our church to whom you could answer these questions honestly: Continue reading

Community Sunday!

Community OutreachI hope you’re getting excited about Community Sunday, August 2nd. We’re planning a lot of special things for the whole family that day–so pray we have good weather!

Because Community Sunday is something new and different, I wanted to make sure all of you know what is going on that day so that you can get excited and invite your neighbors. It’s kind of like a “Friend Day” in the summer (only better!!). We’ll end the Adult Bible Fellowship hour a few minutes early so that you can meet your friend or neighbor in the parking lot or the lobby. Our morning service will be at the normal time: 10:30 am. After church, we’ll go outside and enjoy the classic cars, games, and tasty food (including a roasted pig and some secret-recipe barbecue sauce).

At some point early in the afternoon, we’ll all gather together once again for a brief wrap-up service (This will take the place of the evening service). And it all takes place here on the church property.

So please, pray fervently for the details of this event to point the members of our community to the clear and powerful message of the Gospel of Christ. Several families have already committed to invite friends and coworkers.

If you will commit to inviting someone to Community Sunday and would like the church to pray together with you in this effort, just post a comment on this article. We all need to work together to make Community Sunday a great success!

How Did I Do?

Magnifying Glass“How did the preacher do today?”  “What did you think of the message?”  “Did you like that choir song?”  “What about the special music?”  Do these types of questions and discussions ever come up in your car or around your dinner table?  I wonder how often we ask this question:  “How did I do today?”  I suspect that the first set of questions could be indicative of a flawed view of what church is all about. Continue reading