Gospel Grid, Sermon Series by Wil Galkin

Sometimes Christians can feel overwhelmed or under equipped when taking the gospel to those around them. We can be burdened about everyone and end up reaching no one. What is needed is a Gospel Grid. This series of messages comes from a pre-service series by Will Galkin.

Eat Food, Grow Relationships, Give the Gospel

Some of Jesus best Gospel messages didn’t come in a formal, monologue format. Many of His best Gospel messages came around the dinner table.

Matthew 9:9-12  And as Jesus…saw a man, named Matthew, sitting at the receipt of custom: and he saith unto him, Follow me. And he arose, and followed him. And it came to pass, as Jesus sat at meat in the house, behold, many publicans and sinners came and sat down with him and his disciples. And when the Pharisees saw it, they said unto his disciples, Why eateth your Master with publicans and sinners? Continue reading

LYNW: What to Look For?

We have called this Love Your Neighbor Week (LYNW), but what are we looking for? If you serve the bruised and hurting you will never lack an audience. Whether they are “down & out” or “up & in” everybody has a past of some kind. Some are transparent about their past, others are illusive. Jesus’ ministry did not “profile” whether people looked bruised and hurting. He served all and over time was able to get to the deep needs of their heart. He used, as an illustration, what they filled their life with as an example of their emptiness (John 4). So what should you look for this week as you seek to show love…

  • Relationships
  • Brokenness
  • “Perceived” Fulfillment
  • “Hidden” Emptiness
  • Introducing Others to Genuine Love
  • Introducing Others to Jesus

What is a Divine Appointment?

I start each Monday morning planning out my week. I schedule lunches, meetings, planning times to do more planning and appointments. I have planned appointments, but I hunger for divine appointments.  A divine appointment is a meaningful interaction through Gospel conversation with an unbeliever. Pastor has encouraged us to incorporate into our vocabulary at Bethel the term divine appointment. I want to answer the question what is a divine appointment?

Prayerful Expectation. A divine appointment carries with it a spirit as much as Continue reading

The Worst Day of My Life

Bethel Shorts: A series of brief challenging information for the purpose of encouraging meditation, spiritual growth, and fellowship among teenagers.

What a great reminder from our Revival with Wil Galkin.  View this two-minute video excerpt from his sermon, Lord Quicken Me, at our student ministries website by clicking the link below.  Be sure to click the music off at the bottom right of the screen.

The Worst Day of My Life

7 Questions to Begin a Gospel Conversation

We know we’re supposed to witness. We know we’re supposed to give the Good News. God has even burdened our heart for a specific individual. Yet, we often struggle with how do I start the conversation? How do I begin? Remember, when giving the Gospel people have questions. Believe it or not, you are more equipped than you realize to answer those questions than you may think. Beside, being asked a question that we may not be able to answer is not a bad thing. It reveals we’re human and that we may not have all the answers, but given a little time and study we probably can give a reasonable answer. Here are seven Gospel conversation starters: Continue reading

10 Ideas on Loving Your Neighbors to Christ

Summer is a great time to build your relationships with your neighbors. The dark and cold months of winter  are gone. The summer months allow for getting to know those families who live on either side of you. We must be intentional about beginning and maintaining redemptive relationships. If you have additional ideas add them to the comment section below.

  1. Acknowledge their presence.
    Smile at them as you’re mowing your lawn or taking the trash out. It’s amazing how easy it is to “live in our own world” without acknowledging another person’s physical presence. We may wonder why that neighbor won’t let me talk to them about their soul, but when reality is lived out we barely recognize their presence. Continue reading