Groaning with Hope

I recently preached a message on Sunday morning from Romans 8:18-25 about how all creation groans  under the curse (including Christians).  The message was entitled Groaning with Hope.  I often feel that I have only skimmed the surface of deep truths as I leave the pulpit.  This is certainly the case any time preaching in Romans.  

Here are a few summary thoughts as well as a book recommendation for your continued meditation: Continue reading

Light of the Whole World – Another Children’s Christmas Video

The Jesus Storybook Bible is one of our families favorite resources.  Here’s another promotional video that may be a help to your family in communicating the Christmas story to your children.

See first children’s video post here.

Not Good at Reading the Christmas Story? Maybe this will help.

Not good at reading the Christmas story?  Maybe this 5 minute video will help.

We are always looking for fresh ways to communicate the gospel to the little one’s in our home.  The Jesus Storybook Bible has been one of the most helpful resources we’ve found.  Now they have short promotional clips as well as the entire audio book is for sale.


The Gospel Story Bible – A Great Family Resource


Here’s another great resource for your family.  This just came out and is presently selling for $9.99.  That is  67% off the list price.  

This would make an excellent gift for any family with young children.  

You can purchase and preview the entire book here.  

Is Your Child in the 12%?

This article had some great thoughts about parenting.  Here is just one of them for you to consider:

According to Search’s nationwide study,12% of youth have a regular dialog with their mom on faith/life issues.   In other words, one out of eight kids talks with their mom about their faith.

Deut. 6:6-7    And these words, which I command thee this day, shall be in thine heart:And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up.

Get started with three questions at the dinner table (if you don’t sit at the dinner table together start there):

  • Low of the day – What was the worst moment of your day?
  • High of the day – What was the best part of your day?
  • How did you see God work today?
Oh, and Mom and Dad you answer first.  TALK of Him!

Family Values

I was convicted by a friend of mine’s recent post on Facebook. A.J. Gibson and his wife, Ruth, serve as pioneer church planters in Mexico. I’m challenged not only with his goal to reach the unreached people of Mexico, but also to reach his children’s hearts in daily life with the Gospel. He writes…

I want my children/family to…

  1. value and pursue Jesus above all else in life,
  2. completely surrender their life to Jesus’ lordship,
  3. live for others and not themselves,
  4. live in a culture of grace and gospel where love, repentance, and forgiveness are a way of life,
  5. daily, relentlessly pursue sanctification from sin and transformation into Christlikeness, and
  6. live life for the glory of God.

This a teaching tool for his children…

Thanks, A.J., for not only living the Gospel in front of your children, but also modeling Gospel-parenting in front of friends and acquaintances.

King Me: What Every Son Wants From His Father

Thanks to Dave Artman for this book review, just in time for Father’s Day.

An attractive attribute to the book is the name and photo on the cover. The name is suggestively insightful as to what one would expect to find in its pages, but there is so much more than just the obvious. This is not merely a book about a father passing the baton of his own legacy on to his son. In simplest terms, it is about building tomorrow’s godly, masculine men in a feminized world.

Author Steve Farrar does a remarkable job of drawing all of his encouragement and training right from scripture. We men experience many failures in our lives, and Steve lays out the typical failures men encounter and what we should do about them and why. He does so with a humble, down to earth tone that is not steered by political correctness or beating around the bush on delicate issues, such as sex. Brace yourself; Steve gets right down to the brass tacks where you may feel a little uncomfortable. Continue reading