Which Adult Bible Fellowship Should I Join?

All this talk about Adult Bible Fellowship. Over the past month or so I have had quite a few people say to me, which ABF should I attend? I plan on taking a blog post to give you a quick overview of the nine ABF classes that are available:

  1. SALT (Single Adults Living the Truth): In a recent article USA Today reported that the current 18 – 24 year olds are “less religious and more spiritual” than previous generations. While we recognize that there is deception with referring to oneself as spiritual, our goal is not for the next generation to be spiritual or religious, but rather involved in a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Our SALT ABF is Continue reading

Adult Bible Fellowship

After preaching a message at church on our Adult Bible Fellowships (ABF) I wanted to talk through the emphases of our ABF’s. I am so excited at the huge potential we have at implementing how our church family can and should function when properly related with one another. The implications of the “one-another” passages are life-altering!

Adult Bible Fellowships are deliberately implementing God’s vision of church. We are not leaving to chance the “one-another” commands of the New Testament. We are endeavoring to intentionally inculcate the “one-another” commands into our church body. It is nearly impossible for those who sit in opposite sections of a church auditorium to know the needs of those sitting opposite them. We must be deliberate about seeking to fulfill the “one-another” passages of the New Testament. Continue reading

Families Under Construction

For the past few months several families have met together on Wednesday nights to work on their homes.  Quite honestly being part of this class is one of my favorite things to do.  It is intensive amounts of information. Like drinking from a fire hydrant.  Time spent with other people interested in making a difference in the homes is not to be traded for anything. What we learn can immediately be put into practice when we pick the kids up and load them in the vans. We have covered topics like teaching moral principles in parenting, encouragement in child training, getting to the heart versus controlling behavior, and we are now in several weeks of practical, helpful biblical discipline.  My personal lesson favorite is called “The Father’s Mandate.” Man, was that ever practical and convicting! I think we can all say that we have been very impacted.  These people in the class are the best.  I mean we have grown to really enjoy being together and learning.  That by the way is what biblical fellowship is all about.  Growing closer to God and to one another around the Word of God. The long-term effect of a class like this is very exciting to me. Sowing seeds that will grow and produce fruit over time. We recently had a Saturday night get together and had a super time laughing and eating. Yes the girls did win the game.  The guys won in eating but I am not sure that is good.  Kids all did well with no squabbles so maybe the parenting class is taking hold a little. Just a word to my class…thanks for being such willing listeners, and for fun laughter, and for friendship!

Friends, Fellowship, and the Final Four (Part Two)

handshakeIn my last post, we saw that fellowship means way more than getting together with friends to watch the big game. At its heart, fellowship involves sacrifice and sharing. But we need to focus the issue a little more. When, with whom, and what should we share? If we are going to sacrifice for fellowship, we had better understand a little better what we’re trying to do when we fellowship. The next point moves us in that direction. Continue reading

Friends, Fellowship, and the Final Four (Part One)

handshakeHow do you know you grew up in a Baptist church? If you hear the word fellowship and start to salivate. Many of us have an idea of fellowship that includes potluck, paper tablecloths, and crock pots. Maybe some of you (thinking outside the box) are planning to have some “fellowship” over a plate of nachos as you cheer on your favorite college basketball team this weekend. But does fellowship mean merely getting together with other Christians? In one sense, that is exactly what it means. You can’t have true fellowship with people who aren’t born again (2 Cor. 6.14).  But fellowship means much more than this.

In fact, comparing what we often call “fellowship” to the fellowship spoken about in the New Testament would be like comparing my basketball “skills” to that of Villanova’s starting lineup. I may wear basketball shoes and play on a basketball court–I may even sink a few baskets–but you just wouldn’t compare me with them. It wouldn’t even be close.

So what did fellowship look like in the early church and what should it look like today? Here are four general principles inherent in the idea of fellowship that we can glean from New Testament practices Continue reading