When did Christmas Begin?

Every year I am captivated by some new facet of the Christmas story. As if a splendid diamond was turned revealing a new shimmer, glint or sparkle of light never bent or reflected that way before.

This year I’m captivated with when the Christmas story truly began. Christmas is the time when we celebrate the birth of Jesus, the promised one, who came to save mankind from eternal separation from God resulting from their sin.

But Scripture reveals that the Christmas story started long before mankind ever existed. Continue reading

Gospel Grid, Sermon Series by Wil Galkin

Sometimes Christians can feel overwhelmed or under equipped when taking the gospel to those around them. We can be burdened about everyone and end up reaching no one. What is needed is a Gospel Grid. This series of messages comes from a pre-service series by Will Galkin.

Are You Wearing Your Gospel Glasses?

Woe!  What a noticeable difference when you remove your glasses!  Don’t try that while you are driving!

Things that were once so clear are immediately so blurry.  You’re looking at the same stuff.  Your situation hasn’t changed.  But your ability to decipher it clearly and respond appropriately is greatly impaired.

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to lose perspective on some of the “basics” in your relationship with God?   How quickly we lay aside our “gospel glasses” and take in the things of our life with the impaired vision of our worldly wisdom.

Are you wearing your gospel glasses right now?   Take a moment and meditate on some of  the broad overarching realities of how God relates to you in Christ?  Here are just a few:

  • He knows about me (every sin, every hurt, every insecurity)
  • He is with me.  He came to rescue me!
  • He cares about me.  He came to rescue me from each sin, hurt, insecurity.
  • He is for me.  Not in the sense that he exists for me but rather that his glory is also my good.  Therefore, while I exist for His glory, He is always good toward me.
  • He has pity for me, like a Father would for his children’s inabilities and weaknesses.
  • He hears me when I call
  • He helps me when I am helpless
  • He protects me when I cannot protect myself
  • He prays for me when my pleas would not be enough
  • He guides me when I am lost
  • He provides for me when I am surrounded by enemies
  • He strengthens me when I am at my weakest
Are you wearing your gospel glasses today?
Can you think of more of these gospel truths?

Par is Not Perfection: Born to LIVE as well as Die

At the Christmas season we often hear the phrase “Born to Die.”  While this is certainly an accurate statement there are other glorious gospel truths that complete the story.  Christ was also born to live for us. Let’s consider three gospel thoughts  (original by Dave Harvey):  par is not perfection, perfection for us, and the divine swap. Continue reading

The Gospel for Real Life

I’m extremely excited about the new Bible Study series we’re beginning this Wednesday night. It’s called “The Gospel for Real Life,” and it’s based on a book by Jerry Bridges that bears the same title.

The Gospel is the power of God (Romans 1:16). But “power” is the last word you could use to describe the lives of many Christians. Often we think of the Gospel as a simple message that lost people need to hear. While that’s true, it’s also the case that we need to hear those simple truths echoing in our own brains as believers–day after day.

The Gospel has profound implications for the way we live our lives. For instance, read this to be impacted by the meaning of our adoption into God’s family through the blood of Christ.

And join us on Wednesday nights at 7:00 pm as we discuss the Gospel for real life.