9th Ranked Google Term

google-logoI recently heard on a local talk radio program that the 9th ranked Google term in the “How To” list was how to pray. There are a number of different way to look at this.

1st: There is a new religious awakening in America.
2nd: People will often describe themselves as “spiritual”, but certainly not “religious.” Maybe this is our country’s spiritual side coming through.
3rd: This third view is the one I take, which is, that there is a longing for something greater in people’s lives. Continue reading

Can Blogging Have a Spiritual Purpose?

keyboard_1I am writing to bring to you the purpose of Bethel Life.  Six months ago I was not even thinking about posting an article on a blog or that we would even have a site like this.  Now, here we are, getting in sync with today’s communication.  How did we get here and why are we doing this?  I am being totally honest when I say that I have argued in my mind whether this is the best use of my time or if I am merely part of a fleeting, trendy fad.  As our pastoral staff has discussed blogs and “twittering” I have been unable to escape the reality of how our communications have progressed over time.  When I first began as a youth pastor there was not a single teenager in my youth group that even texted. But by the time I finished, most everyone was a texting pro.  I have come to the conclusion that not attempting to connect with our church through a blog like this is overlooking an amazing means of extending pastoral ministry in a truly impacting way.  Bethel Life is a current tool to help us stay in touch and pastor the people of Bethel Baptist Church more effectively.

Let me give you some reasons why I think Bethel Life will be of help to our church: Continue reading