A Resolved Kind of Life

Somewhere buried in a picture album in our things is a photo of the front step of a beautiful and very old church.  The semi-circular step is the only remaining piece of the original church building that towers over the town of Northampton, Massachusetts.

There is a little plaque on the step that indicates this fact along with a much more significant statement that this is the church where Jonathan Edwards was pastor.  Edwards was pastor at this location during the 18th century and his testimony as a great theologian and revivalist of his era still stands today. (Also in the town of Northampton is the burial place of missionary David Brainerd.  I have a photo of his tombstone in my Bible which I will talk about more in another post.)

What I did want to do is to give the link for Jonathan Edwards’ 70 Resolves.  I mentioned them recently in a Sunday morning message and would recommend them for your reading.  He read them once a week for most of his life.  Read slowly and think about them.  His thoughts were not quick-fix type of commitments to help him to be happy and help others.  They are deep, life altering resolves we would do well to emulate in our own words.

Revival in History – Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan Edwards

During our week of revival meetings there will be an article posted each day emphasizing revivals of past years. These articles are posted not to relive history in our minds, but rather to stir our hearts with what God can do once again at Bethel Baptist Church.

Jonathan Edwards was no stranger to revival. When he was just twelve years old (in 1715) the church his father, Timothy Edwards, pastored experienced a “remarkable stirring and pouring out of the Spirit of God resulting in an unusual number of conversions and many more awakened to the condition of their souls.” His maternal grandfather, Soloman Stoddard, also a minister, similarly enjoyed five distinct periods of spiritual awakening at Northampton, Massachusetts. young Jonathan was a teenager during the last two seasons of revival. Continue reading