Single-Issue Voters & Single-Issue Christians

In the spirit of the upcoming presidential election here is an idea that I’ve been thinking through and its potential ramifications:

Single-issue voters? Abortion. Economy. Health Care. Immigration. Single-issue voters are those known to either give their support or remove their support because of a strongly held belief on a specific issue. Personally, I can think of one issue where I’d consider myself a single-issue voter, but in the end if I have to choose between “the lesser of two evils” I will do so. But should this line of reasoning be the mode of operation within the church? Continue reading

A Thought on Church Planting

Pastor has regularly encouraged to pray about Bethel having an active role in planting churches in Allentown and Bethlehem. Consider this church planting thought from Charles H. Spurgeon, Baptist preacher of the mid-1800’s:

“It is with cheerfulness that we dismiss our twelves, our twenties, our fifties to form other churches. We encourage our members to leave us to found other churches; nay, we seek to persuade them to do it. We ask them to scatter throughout the land, to become the goodly seed which God shall bless. I believe that so long as we do this, we shall prosper. I have marked other churches that have adopted the other way, and they have not succeeded.”

Ideas on Becoming a Servant

I am struck with shallowness that I think, meditate and apply specific texts of Scripture. One such passage is Mark 10:43-44

But whosoever will be great among you, shall be your minister: And whosoever of you will be the chiefest, shall be servant of all.

What does that look like? Does it simply mean I let my wife have the TV remote on Monday night and I don’t get to watch Monday Night Football or she gets to choose the pizza toppings? Surely, to be great in the kingdom it must mean something more than that.

I jotted down some quick ideas of ways we can serve one another within the context of the local church and do so with meaning (and hopefully with some depth): Continue reading

LYNW: What to Look For?

We have called this Love Your Neighbor Week (LYNW), but what are we looking for? If you serve the bruised and hurting you will never lack an audience. Whether they are “down & out” or “up & in” everybody has a past of some kind. Some are transparent about their past, others are illusive. Jesus’ ministry did not “profile” whether people looked bruised and hurting. He served all and over time was able to get to the deep needs of their heart. He used, as an illustration, what they filled their life with as an example of their emptiness (John 4). So what should you look for this week as you seek to show love…

  • Relationships
  • Brokenness
  • “Perceived” Fulfillment
  • “Hidden” Emptiness
  • Introducing Others to Genuine Love
  • Introducing Others to Jesus

What’s the Big Deal about Transparency?

It seems as if the words authentic, genuine, transparency are simply buzz words for a younger generation that love their “reality” TV shows. Is the idea of transparency merely a buzz word or is there something deeper, meaningful or even biblical in the word transparency?

God is transparent. God in His kindness has given us sixty-six books that show the character, plan and wisdom of God. God does not hide His Continue reading

Why I Love the Church

Some believers do not like church. I can understand negative experiences. I understand that local churches many times are not all they should be. I can’t understand having a complete either disdain for the church or an opinion that the local church is irrelevant. Jesus, the founder of the church stated, “I will build my church…” (Matthew 16.18), which underscores whose church it is―Jesus’.

I recently read this quote: “You can’t love Jesus and hate his wife. (Stetzer)” Ephesians 5 teaches us that the church is the bride of Christ. Wow! What a thought! I’m a part of something that the God of the universe gave His only Son to die for. Here’s why I love the church:

  1. Jesus started it and gave His life for it (Matthew 16.18). Continue reading

What is the Ministry Summit?

On Sunday night, February 13, we have our first Ministry Summit at Bethel. Some have asked what exactly is the Ministry Summit? It’s going to be a great night of multiple ministry equipping sessions. You will be able to choose from the following sessions: Continue reading