A Steward of Trust

Scandals within one of the largest religions in the world has dominated headlines off and on for the past five years or so. Regularly the new reports other well-known religious personalities who have been ousted from their positions because of questionable ethics or morals. As is often the case the greatest aftershock from a breach of confidence is a lack of trust.

One of the greatest responsibilities we have as believers is the stewardship of trust. That is, when we posture ourselves to speak on behalf of God and His Bible, Continue reading

What is the Ministry Summit?

On Sunday night, February 13, we have our first Ministry Summit at Bethel. Some have asked what exactly is the Ministry Summit? It’s going to be a great night of multiple ministry equipping sessions. You will be able to choose from the following sessions: Continue reading

Using Your Natural Gifts for Spiritual Ministry

Do you find it difficult to find your niche in ministry at church? Sometimes if we don’t sing in the choir, serve in the nursery, usher or teach Sunday School we think we don’t the ability to minister within the local church. But I’d like to give a few suggestions of using your natural gifts or strengths to advance God’s kingdom:

  1. Determine where your strengths lie?
    Ask yourself these questions: Continue reading

Serving Single-Parent Families

Bethel Baptist desires to see families grow spiritually, but I want to speak specifically on how we as a church can help those families within our assembly that are single-parent families. My graphic refers to single moms, but we have single dads as well. How can a local church serve and meet the needs of single-parent families?

  1. Place the focus on the family. The word single describes the marital status, but being a parent is what gives the identity. A single parent is a mom or dad seeking to raise his/her child(ren) to love God just like any other family. A church desiring to serve single-parent families focuses on a family needing help similar to other families. As a church we have a unique opportunity to serve single-parent families by encouraging their children through attending sporting events, giving an encouraging word, or providing a ride to church or youth activities for their child(ren) to relieve the scheduling pressures. Continue reading

Two Ways to Waste Your Life – Religious Rebels

 “This man receiveth sinners!”   Jesus answers the Pharisees heart murmurings with a series of stories concluding with the story of two prodigal sons, two wasted lives

This story unfolds as an incredible drama with unthinkable twists and an unforgettable ending!  Continue reading

The Success of Community Sunday

We completed one of the big outreaches of the year just yesterday. Community Sunday was a success!

  1. Many, many families from our Summer Adventure Club participated in Community Sunday.
  2. We were privileged to honor the Law Enforcement Officers in our community.
  3. Community servants were honored.
  4. Two very special people – Jerry and Becky Harris – were honored in the afternoon service. Continue reading

Connecting via Adult Bible Fellowship

Why all the emphasis on our Adult Bible Fellowships? This past Sunday afternoon one of our newest Adult Bible Fellowships, Home Works!, got together for a Cookout Connection. It was a tremendous time. We had well over 100 people at the cookout, with over 20 families with untold potential to impact the kingdom of God.

I will concede that any of the following could be accomplished no matter what the name is given to the “Sunday-morning-at-9:30am-time,” but I believe the name, Adult Bible Fellowship, accurately portrays what we’re attempting to accomplish. Here are seven reasons why ABF’s are great at connecting people…

  1. ABF”s practices both brotherly love (the love of brothers) and  hospitality (the love of strangers). more pictures below Continue reading