pollutionWe hear a lot about a green earth, recycling, carbon emissions, air pollution, second-hand smoke and other air-borne pollutants. One pollutant that is destroying many homes and for which there are not many warnings is the pollution of moral impurity. Many homes have felt the shockwaves of moral impurity.

The Purity PrinciplePurity is always smart; impurity is always stupid is the central theme of this easy-to-read book. About two months ago I read a blog post about The Purity Principle as I was getting ready to preach a series on dating in youth group. Rather than preach on the “nuts & bolts” of dating, I used it as an opportunity to emphasize the importance of purity in life, specifically dating relationships. There is no doubt in my mind that God lead me to this book “for such a time as this.” I felt as if every chapter was a breath of fresh air as an individual attempting to breathe in a culture of  moral smog. Chapters include… Continue reading