Setting Your Rudder Through the Media Storm

ship-rudderOne of the more helpful sessions for us sponsors this past week was a session that Evangelist Keven Brownfield gave on Setting Your Rudder Through the Media Storm. There are lots of statistics that you’ve probably heard, but the most helpful aspect of the session was  how Bro. Brownfield explains filtering our entertainment/media choices through the grid of Scripture. I hope it will be a help to you as it was to me. Listen here.

Me? More Than Three Messages a Week?!

bibleI recently told a group of spiritually hungry-hearted teenagers that if they were serious about turning out for God they needed to listen to preaching outside of Sunday morning, evening and Wednesday night. They looked at me, like, “You got to be kidding me! There’s so much to do – homework, Facebook, Play Station, clean my room or a potential root canal.”

But why should a Christian listen to preaching outside of the typical three services? Continue reading