7 Suggestion for Encouraging Good Preaching

We’ve all heard good preaching and not-so-good preaching. Here are seven suggestions for encouraging good preaching.
  1. Pray for the preachers. Pray specifically that they will work hard at the Bible passages (1 Timothy 5.17) and preach them faithfully, passionately and in a way that engages the hearers.
  2. From time to time, tell the preachers you are praying for them and looking forward with expectancy to the sermon. That will be a great encouragement and incentive to them to prepare well.
  3. Be there. You may be surprised what an encouragement it is just to have you there, and what a Continue reading

Father’s Day Follow-Up

In our morning service yesterday, we gave to all dads present a sermon cd by Dr. Jim Berg titled Biblical Manhood part 1. If you are interested in the second part you can find the audio here. We highly recommend the preaching and resources that you can find at www.jimberg.com.

Great Missions Preaching

I am including a link here to some preaching about missions definitely worth your listening time.  Missions Mandate is a missions emphasis/endeavor out of Inter-City Baptist Church in Allen Park, Michigan.  The conference attendees are mostly single young adults and the main theme is missions.  As you peruse the MP3’s you will notice some general sessions as well as breakout sessions that address more specific topics of interest.  I am always challenged and inspired when I hear Dave Doran and Mark Minnick preach.  I really appreciate the heart behind this conference and would love to take a group of single adults for the next conference in 2012!

So, Where Are You?

That’s the question I concluded the message with last Sunday night.  Where are you?  Exodus 1, where I preached last Sunday, opens with the location of God’s people.  While Abraham and Isaac wandered away from the best path for their lives by going “down to Egypt,” Joseph and his brothers were placed in Egypt by God’s sovereign hand.  They were right in the middle of the will of God.

The passage then descends into a dark and very dismal cavern of history.  God’s people are despised and put to hard, forced labor.  The amazing thing is that they continue to prosper. The point we made from the passage is that circumstances change but the brightness of God’s promises never change. I gave three other Bible characters prior to Exodus 1 who gave noticable reaction to the promises of God to them.  Continue reading

FBFI Fellowship Audio

Sermons from the FBFI Annual Fellowship in Schaumburg, Illinois are posted here.

Ministering the Word of Life

j0436455On Sunday night the Emissaries of UBCS ministered together at Lighthouse Baptist Church, pastored by Dan Steward.  The sacred concert was followed by a message preached by Todd Deose.  Just one week ago many of  these students had participated in KCEA’s fine arts and preaching festival, and were evaluated on their performances.  There is nothing more special, though, than when all the preparation culminates in ministering to believers in a local church.

What is exciting about what our students did on Sunday evening? Continue reading

Me? More Than Three Messages a Week?!

bibleI recently told a group of spiritually hungry-hearted teenagers that if they were serious about turning out for God they needed to listen to preaching outside of Sunday morning, evening and Wednesday night. They looked at me, like, “You got to be kidding me! There’s so much to do – homework, Facebook, Play Station, clean my room or a potential root canal.”

But why should a Christian listen to preaching outside of the typical three services? Continue reading