A God Who Delights to Make Wrong Things Right

“We serve a God who delights to make wrong things right.”  The words from Dr. Dan Davey’s message have been ringing in my ears this week.  They rang in my ears as I stood with the Emr family and prayed that God would heal little infant, Vera.  I heard them again as I prayed for the Stolvoort family as they hope in God while battling the daily effects of cancer.  This truth rang out again as I received an email in which one Christian brother, in an open letter, was slandering another.  The words echoed again when I watched my children struggle to obey even the slightest directive outside the realm of their personal desires.  I said the words to myself this morning after I awoke to my first selfish thought.  “We serve a God who delights to make wrong things right.”

Before the beginning there was God.

No man had ever sinned against him.  No man had ever doubted whether he was worthy of worship, honor and glory.  No man had ever rebelled against him.  No man had ever destroyed anything he made or possessed.  No man had ever hurt anyone that he loved. 

And yet, the possibility existed that he could make mankind who would do all of those things and far worse.  For if he created them he knew they would spit in his face, mock his lordship, torture him beyond recognition, and even murder him if given the chance. 

After man there was sin and suffering.

If he created a being with a freewill he could foresee they would reject the perfection created for them bringing sin death and suffering into their perfect world. 

He could foresee that they would eventually need to be made right, and it would cost him greatly.  If he created them and loved them, (in order to remain God), he would have to send Jesus to become like them, and fix all their disobedience with obedience.  An obedience that would lead Him even to pay the eternal penalty of their sins on the cross. 

Why did he create man?

Why did he do it?  Why did he create man knowing that they would hate him?  Why make those who would need to be made right again?  That is part of the mystery of the glorious gospel.  But we do have at least a glimpse into the answer in the very message of the Bible.  One core truth that is abundantly evident in Scripture from cover to cover is:  God delights to make wrong things right. 

God delights in making wrong things right.

The gospel assures us that God will make every effect of sin right.  There will be a day when he will wipe away all tears.  Those who hope in him will stand before him in a glorified perfect body (Job 19).  There will be perfect unity among mankind  as all nations stand united in him.  The earth and heaven will be restored and made right.    There will no longer be a struggle with sin.  There will be no more suffering, for in his suffering he ended suffering.  This is at the core of the message of the Bible.  We serve a God who delights to make wrong things right!

Disappointment is His Appointment

“Disappointment is His appointment.”

Have you ever experienced a major disappointment in life? I’m talking about one where you believed it to be life-altering. Loss of job, major health concern, loss of a loved one, a wayward child, financial crisis.

Think about some of the biblical stories you may know and you’ll find this to be true. Our disappointment is God’s appointment. Consider the following:

  1. Moses & the Nation of Israel. (Exodus 2) Continue reading

Two Ways to Waste Your Life – Religious Rebels

 “This man receiveth sinners!”   Jesus answers the Pharisees heart murmurings with a series of stories concluding with the story of two prodigal sons, two wasted lives

This story unfolds as an incredible drama with unthinkable twists and an unforgettable ending!  Continue reading

Remaining Joyful During Difficult Times

Do you find your circumstances dictate how you feel? Do you find that happiness exists only when “good things” happen in your life?

  • an unexpected pay raise
  • a refund check
  • the kids get an “A” on the test
  • your spouse surprises you with a gift

While all these could be sources of joy, what about when your hours get cut back at work, an extra bill from the hospital visit? What robs you of joy reveals your source of joy. Here are four essential truths to recalibrate your mind on what gives you joy even during difficult times… Continue reading

Opposing Views of God

I heard part of an interview on NPR last Friday with Rabbi Harold Kushner, in which he challenges the Biblical view of God that has been preached from our pulpit through the life of Joseph and the life of Moses.  Kushner rejects the idea of an omnipotent God, because it seems to conflict with His kindness and love.  Kushner’s experience with losing a son prompted him to write Why Bad Things Happen to Good People, in which he rejects an understanding of God that holds Him to be both omnipotent and good. Continue reading

Haiti Hope

“Haiti” and “hope” are not words that seem to go together.  I have never been to Haiti and I cannot begin to imagine what it is like now.  I have a college friend that pastors a church in Haiti and our family is keeping them in prayer.  They have children about the same ages as my children and they sleep outside while we sleep in comfortable beds.  How do we pray for Haiti?  Let me suggest two things that you can make part of your praying.  These are things that children can understand as well. Continue reading

A God I Don’t Get

confused_studentI’m glad I serve a God I don’t always get. Deuteronomy 29:29 says, “The secret things belong unto the LORD our God.” There are a lot of things about God I don’t fully understand: that’s why He’s God and I’m just me. Take the problem of evil. “Evil, a problem? No kidding.” Let me be more specific. The “problem of evil” refers to the seeming incompatibility of three statements: 1) God is all-good, 2) God is all-powerful, and 3) Evil* exists in the world.

Take any two of the statements as true, and the third seems impossible. Haven’t you, in the midst of suffering, ever wondered whether a good God would allow you to experience such pain? Or maybe you doubted God’s power to bring you through the trial? Not only do we struggle with the problem of evil when we go through tough times–theologians have been working through this question for centuries, and their attempts at an answer come in three basic types: Continue reading