Don’t Waste Your Summer

After returning from a family trip earlier this week, a fellow staff member asked me, “So, did you have a good time or do you need a vacation from your vacation?”

She was half-joking, but I think we can all remember times when a vacation–originally intended to give us a much-needed break–seemed to be more exhausting than our normal routine.

The same goes for summer. We look forward to a slower pace and fewer demands, but the way we spend our summer can sometimes leave us feeling worse for the wear.

More importantly, every day of summer is a stewardship from God himself. If you waste your summer, you’ll be frittering away God’s precious gift. Display your gratitude to God by redeeming the time.

In order to help us think through how to make the most of our summer, I’ve listed a few key principles: Continue reading

Avoiding the Summer Slump

Everybody talks and writes about the summer slump: practicing instruments, reading books, business sales, tourism and even Ryan Howard (sorry Phillies’ fans). Churches can predict that attendance dips during the summer months with vacations and weekend diversions. So many times when summer comes as Christians take family vacations sometmes we can even take spiritual vacations. In the last PANIC (Parents of Adolescent Needing Intensive Care) meeting I gave a lesson helping families avoid the spiritual summer slump. Hopefully these thoughts will help guide you as you prepare for your summer. Continue reading