On the Church Nursery

Sometimes we minimize the importance of the church nursery. After all, babies and toddlers aren’t quite ready to learn anything about God–it’s in the main auditorium where real church is taking place, right?

A comment by Lynn Barth, our church’s Nursery Coordinator, on this post caused the following paragraph to jump out at me this morning: Continue reading

10 Reasons Why There Is No Higher Calling than Ministry to Children

A high percentage of people in our church are involved in some sort of formal children’s ministry. If you’re like me, you may struggle with discouragement, wondering at times whether your ministry is really making a difference at all, so I put together a short list of reasons why there is no higher calling than ministry to children: Continue reading

What Did You Learn at Church Today?

Each Sunday afternoon, thousands of kids across America blink nervously as they try to concoct an answer to this seemingly simple question.

“Well, weren’t you listening?”

Not that your kids usually have trouble finding things to say. You’re typically looking for ways to keep them quiet. But ask them what they’ve learned in Sunday School, and all you’ll hear is the dull hum of your minivan as you pull out of the church parking lot.

If you are concerned for your child’s soul, the fact that talking about a Sunday School lesson is often difficult may be alarming. Maybe you’ve tried to tighten the screws a little, to no avail. While talking to our children about spiritual things will always take wisdom and finesse, below are just a few suggestions of how you might be able to enter more fruitful discussions about church with your kids Continue reading

Stepping Over the Threshold

ad_2009_cm_threshold_logoDo you remember when you stepped over the threshold? You weren’t sure how your marriage was going to work out, but you and your spouse stepped over the threshold into your first home anyway. Maybe you remember the lump in your throat the first time you stepped over the threshold at a new job or a new school. Many of you can recall the apprehensive feeling of stepping over the threshold into our church the very first time.

Defining moments often occur when stepping over a threshold, and that’s the spirit we’re taking into our new 6th Grade Sunday School class, the Threshold. Continue reading