Eternal Impact Through Christian Education

Mr. Kemmerer with two of his original students now in Christian education.

I was recently reminded of the importance of impacting the next generation for Christ when I had the opportunity to attend a benefit for a former teacher. In 1974, I began attending a new Christian school and Mr. Les Kemmerer was my sixth grade teacher. There were 6 of us in his original class (which actually was a combined class that met in the same room with the 5th grade class). Of the original six students in my class, three are actively involved in Christian education today.

Mr. Kemmerer was diagnosed with stage 4, inoperable cancer earlier this year. The benefit was sponsored by former students with over 300 former parents, students, co-workers and friends attending on a Saturday afternoon to express their appreciation and love for a man who had made a difference in their lives. His faithfulness in impacting lives through Christian education over the past 35 years is an inspiration and a challenge.

Mr. Kemmerer has touched not only my life but also my wife’s and in recent years the lives of my sons as their coach and teacher. Through his faithfulness to Christian education, he has had a part in impacting two generations of my family for Christ.

Are the sacrifices made for Christian education really worth it? Many of the stories that I shared with friends that I had not seen for many years centered around the impact that Mr. Kemmerer had made on our lives. I repeatedly heard of the ways that Mr. Kemmerer had challenged them to live for Christ in their teenage years. In the light of eternal values, I would say that any sacrifice made for Christian education is definitely worth it!

Ministering the Word of Life

j0436455On Sunday night the Emissaries of UBCS ministered together at Lighthouse Baptist Church, pastored by Dan Steward.  The sacred concert was followed by a message preached by Todd Deose.  Just one week ago many of  these students had participated in KCEA’s fine arts and preaching festival, and were evaluated on their performances.  There is nothing more special, though, than when all the preparation culminates in ministering to believers in a local church.

What is exciting about what our students did on Sunday evening? Continue reading

KCEA Fine Arts Festival – More Than A Competition

imported-photos-00007In a day when many teens are self-consumed, getting them to focus on ministry can be a real challenge.  Yet it is impossible for them to be all that they should be in Christ without a ministry/servant mindset.  The KCEA Fine Arts Festival has become a wonderful tool to encourage our students to stretch themselves in the area of Christian service.  Between the junior high and senior high competitions, six young ladies are participating in the Bible Teaching category and ten young men are participating in preaching.

Before ever going to the fine arts festival, imported-photos-00070these students have taught or preached in one of our chapel services or classrooms.  It has been thrilling to see them stand before their peers and boldy proclaim the Word of God.  It has been a great reminder to me that in the midst of the everyday struggles that our teenagers face, God is at work in hearts.

Many of these students have encouraged me through their messages.  Though they are still in the early stages of developing the gifts that God has given them, they are being used.  It is my prayer that many more of them will step out of their comfort zones and see God use them in the lives of others.